A fresh approach to football sponsorship.

Get your organisation in front of the Suffolk community through the beautiful game.

Our process works by linking your organisation to a maximum of 5 teams who are looking for sponsorship, for a duration of 24 months. The number of teams you can sponsor depends on the package you select, but as a minimum it’ll be 2.

Instead of the team being provided with direct sponsorship revenue, we work with our supplier to provide them with a full kit for up to 16 players. The kits are fully funded upfront by us and showcase each of the team’s sponsors. The cost of the kits is then covered via the monthly instalments paid by each sponsor across the 2 year period.

What to expect

Say hello to a sponsorship deal that works harder for you.

cash-flow friendly

Hefty lump sum payments to sponsor a single team are a thing of the past.

Options for all budgets

Whether you’re a start-up, local business or established brand name, we have a budget friendly way to add team sponsorship to your marketing mix.

More eyeballs on your brand

Access different leagues, age groups and locations for what can often be the price of sponsoring one team. Enjoy an uplift in brand awareness, and ultimately a greater return on investment.

Targeted promotion

Our approach matches you with teams whose fanbases are in line with your target customer.

We support teams to market you

We ensure that teams are promoting you as effectively as possible, upskilling and supporting them with strategies that are in line with your objectives.

No obligation

No commitment to proceed until you're 100% happy with the teams we present. No payments are made until a sponsorship deal is agreed.

So far so good? That was the why, here’s the how. Find out more about how the process works.

Our process

  • 1. Register
  • 2. Connect
  • 3. Kick off

At this point we want to learn a little bit about your organisation before the matchmaking begins. Teams and sponsors are mapped to each other based on the information provided when registering. Don’t worry, we won’t be asking for your life story, just a few questions to help us get an idea of your requirements.

It’ll be some background information on your organisation and objectives, an overview of what you do and who you’re trying to reach. This is all super helpful for us in order to identify a team that’ll be a great fit for your brand and what you’re trying to achieve.

If some of this has you scratching your head, we can give you a hand. By tapping into your social channels and any website analytics you have running, we can help to build a picture of who’s interacting with you online and where they’re from.

At this stage, it’s all about us working to connect you with teams looking for sponsorship and firing opportunities your way. The right teams could be waiting for you just around the corner, but sometimes we’ll hold off to find the ideal fit.

We totally understand that you might have a certain type of team that you’re particularly interested in sponsoring, or perhaps some definite no-no’s. Ultimately the final choice is yours and there’s no obligation to move forward unless you’re 100% happy.

Remember, our approach gets your brand on the kits of multiple teams as standard. Naturally, a little time may pass until you’re linked up with the full number of teams in your package. We won’t ask you to pay a penny during this time.

Once you’ve made your choice of teams, it’s time to seal the deal.

Securing your place on your chosen teams is nice and easy. We ask for a deposit totalling 2 monthly payments of your selected package, along with a signed contract containing the details of the sponsorship agreement.

The next 2 years will see you enjoying all of the benefits that come with sponsoring multiple teams, along with the added advantages of coming through us. Not only will you have a combination of teams working to promote you, each with their own unique fan base, but you can rest assured that we’ll be helping the teams to market you as effectively as possible.


Make a new addition to your local marketing toolkit that doesn’t break the bank. How visible do you want to be?

Please read before proceeding:

Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, we have taken the decision to put a hold on some aspects of our activity for the time being. Our plan of action now is to look towards the 2021/22 season, with the aim of connecting teams and sponsors ready for then.

If you’re interested in sponsoring teams for the 2021/22 season and beyond, please feel free to explore the options below.

All sponsorship agreements are made for Suffolk FA affiliated teams for a duration of 24 months.


£49 / month
  • Sponsor 2 teams


£69 / month
  • Sponsor 3 teams


£89 / month
  • Sponsor 4 teams

You're in good hands:

  • No payment requested until you're matched with teams you'd like to proceed with.
  • Enjoy visibility across multiple teams for what can often be the price of one.
  • Multiple teams working hard to promote you at the same time, as well as visibility on their kit.

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